About This Course

This is your opportunity to get ready for the YOUR SHOT competition. Use this class to familiarise yourself with the Pioneer XDJ-RX2, the same equipment you’ll be performing on at the YOUR SHOT Event Days. The trainers will be there to help you and make sure you’re ready to compete in just a few weeks time!


  • Navigating the XDJ-RX2
  • Unique functions of the XDJ-RX2
  • Advanced techniques and FX
  • Looping and hot cues
  • Silent Disco Mixing

Course Outline

  • 1 hour course
  • Training conducted with max. 7 students
  • Each student has individual sound proof booth
  • Recommended that you bring your own music on USBs (however we may provide you with analysed music)

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1 Complimentary Session available for Your Shot Wild Card Contestants 2019

Brisbane Course Dates

Location Date Time
Brisbane 16/06/19 11am-12pm

Sydney Course Dates

Location Date Time
Sydney 11/6/19 6pm-7pm
Sydney 11/6/19 7pm-8pm
Sydney 11/6/19 8pm-9pm
Sydney 14/6/19 3pm-4pm
Sydney 15/6/19 11am-12pm
Sydney 16/6/19 11am-12pm

Melbourne Course Dates

Location Date Time
Melbourne 22/06/19 6pm-7pm
Melbourne 23/06/19 6pm-7pm
Melbourne 24/06/19 6pm-7pm
Melbourne 24/06/19 7pm-8pm
Melbourne 24/06/19 8pm-9pm

Perth Course Dates

Location Date Time
Perth 6/7/19 10am-11am
Perth 6/7/19 11am-12pm
Perth 7/7/19 10am-11am
Perth 7/7/19 11am-12pm
Perth 9/7/19 6pm-7pm
Perth 9/7/19 7pm-8pm
Perth 9/7/19 8pm-9pm
Perth 13/7/19 10am-11am
Perth 13/7/19 11am-12pm