About This Course

Learn everything from basic beat-matching through to advanced mixing and set-design. Conducted by one of our industry professionals to ensure you receive all the information and knowledge you need to mix it with the best.

Course Outline

  • Learning the equipment
  • Song structure
  • Beat-alignment and mixing
  • Cueing and headphone cueing
  • Rekordbox – Advanced
  • Advanced Mixing techniques
  • Advanced FX and Looping
  • Advanced EQing
  • Set structure and flow


  • You must be 18 years or older to attend this course
  • 12-hour course conducted by our industry professionals
  • Training conducted in an intimate setting with max. 7 students per class
  • Each student has individual sound-proof booth
  • Training syllabus provided
  • No need to bring any music for the first 2 lessons

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Brisbane Timetable

Brisbane - DJ - Starting Mon Jun 11th
Location Session # Date Time
Brisbane 1 Jun 11th 6pm-9pm
Brisbane 2 Jun 18th 6pm-9pm
Brisbane 3 Jun 25th 6pm-9pm
Brisbane 4 Jul 2nd 6pm-9pm

Sydney Timetable

Sydney - DJ - Starting June 19th
Location Session # Date Time
Sydney 1 June 19th 6pm-9pm
Sydney 2 June 26th 6pm-9pm
Sydney 3 July 3rd 6pm-9pm
Sydney 4 July 10th 6pm-9pm

Melbourne Timetable

Melbourne - DJ - Starting July 3rd
Location Session # Date Time
Melbourne 1 July 3rd 6pm-9pm
Melbourne 2 July 10th 6pm-9pm
Melbourne 3 July 17th 6pm-9pm
Melbourne 4 July 24th 6pm-9pm