About This Course

Learn everything you need to take your DJing into the professional world. By the end of this course you will have an in depth understanding of all aspects of DJing as well as how to design a killer set!

Course Outline

  • Knowing the equipment
  • Beat alignment and beat mixing
  • Cueing and headphone cueing
  • Rekordbox – Advanced
  • Song structure
  • Advanced Mixing techniques
  • Advanced FX
  • Advanced EQing


  • 12 hour course training provided by one of The Academy’s head trainers
  • Training conducted with max. 7 students per class
  • Each student has individual sound proof booth
  • Syllabus guide provided
  • No need to bring any music or equipment for the first 2 lessons

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Brisbane Timetable

Brisbane - DJ - Starting Mon Jun 12th
Location Session # Date Time
Brisbane 1 Jun 12th 6pm-9pm
Brisbane 2 Jun 19th 6pm-9pm
Brisbane 3 Jun 26th 6pm-9pm
Brisbane 4 Jul 3rd 6pm-9pm

Sydney Timetable

Sydney - DJ - Starting June 26th
Location Session # Date Time
Sydney 1 June 26th 6pm-9pm
Sydney 2 July 3rd 6pm-9pm
Sydney 3 July 10th 6pm-9pm
Sydney 4 July 17th 6pm-9pm

Melbourne Timetable

Melbourne - DJ - Starting July 9th
Location Session # Date Time
Melbourne 1 July 9th 6pm-9pm
Melbourne 2 July 16th 6pm-9pm
Melbourne 3 July 23rd 6pm-9pm
Melbourne 4 July 30th 6pm-9pm