About This Course

Give yourself the time to practice your new skills and finalise your set with a trainer on hand to answer all your questions. Book in a booth hire session today!


  • 1 hour session
  • Each student has individual equipment
  • Training conducted with max. 7 students per session
  • Trainer available during session for any questions and queries
  • Bring USB containing music or anything you need to practice

Course Outline

  • Free Time

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Brisbane Sessions

Brisbane Booth Hire Classes
Location Date Time
- - -

Sydney Sessions

Sydney Booth Hire Classes
Location Date Time
Sydney 14/07/19 10am-11am
Sydney 14/07/19 11am-12pm
Sydney 17/07/19 5pm-6pm
Sydney 17/07/19 6pm-7pm
Sydney 21/07/19 2pm-3pm
Sydney 21/07/19 3pm-4pm
Sydney 21/07/19 4pm-5pm
Sydney 21/07/19 5pm-6pm
Sydney 22/07/19 5pm-6pm
Sydney 22/07/19 6pm-7pm
Sydney 22/07/19 7pm-8pm
Sydney 22/07/19 8pm-9pm
Sydney 24/07/19 5pm-6pm
Sydney 24/07/19 6pm-7pm
Sydney 24/07/19 7pm-8pm
Sydney 24/07/19 8pm-9pm

Melbourne Sessions

Melbourne Booth Hire Classes
Location Date Time
Melbourne 21/07/19 6pm-7pm
Melbourne 21/07/19 7pm-8pm